Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dum de dum

Not much going on in these parts, sorry for not updating. Work has been hella busy, and I've been trying to get ready for my trip (in 2 days!)

The RE's office called. They want me to take Pro*vera to bring on AF, then take 4 weeks of active birth control pills. When I get AF after the pills, I'll start the injectibles again. It seems kind of odd to take bc pills when I'm *trying* to get pregnant, but whatever. It just pisses me off that I wasted all that money on birth control for so many years trying NOT to get pregnant.

Anyway, I'm kind of glad about taking the little break. Since I'm going to Or*lando this week and the Ba*hamas next month (Bahamavention, anyone?) it'll be nice to be able to drink myself into oblivion without having to worry about bringing my Foll*istim pen with me to the pool bar. Although if you think about it, it'd be a good conversation piece. Or they'd think I was shooting up heroin in public, so maybe that's not a good idea.

On a happier note, my new obsession: tanning. I know it's horrible for me, and I'm going to get skin cancer and all that, but I just love the feeling of being all warm and fuzzy after 10 minutes in a tanning bed. I've been going twice a week now, which is just enough to give me a light glow and get rid of that cursed Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Plus, as a wise person once told me, tan fat looks much better than white fat.


Baby Blues said...

Sounds like your trip is going to be fun! Post lots of pictures.

I'm not even white but I worship the sun. I love the feel of it on my skin. I used to play soccer, golf, scuba dive and windsurf. But now I've lessened my exposure. As I got older, I started worrying about sun damaged skin and wrinkles. Argh!

But the tanning bed is suppose to be safer, right? Just don't forget your sunblock for the trip.

Bumble said...

Yup, the BC things goes against all my natural instincts, but I must say, I haven't felt this RELAXED (eeek) in a long time, coz I KNOW it can't happen. Oh well. Enjoy the trip!!!!

sharah said...

I'm a tanner as well, and I have been for years. I know it's bad for me, but it's so much easier than dealing with fake-tan lotions (I have several of those as well).

Have fun on your trips!

Anonymous said...