Thursday, March 8, 2007

Note to my ovaries

E2 is up to 113, lining is at 15 mm, but follies are still around 7.5. Dammit! Dr. G says it's normal for women with PCOS to take longer to have their follicles mature, so they gave me 1500 units more of Folli*stim, and they're keeping me at the 225 IU dose.
I'm leaving for Florida in 2 weeks, so if at least one of my follies isn't up to 12mm, they're cancelling the cycle because they won't be able to monitor me there. That would be just my luck. Stabbing myself with needles for 3 freakin' weeks all for nothing. We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, here's a note to my ovaries:

Listen you little fuckers! I understand that you may be hibernating for the winter, but come on! I've been pumping you with Folli*stim every night for the past 17 days, and you give me nothing! Stop being lazy and produce some decent follicles already. If I could trade you in, I would. You're useless, just floating around in there doing NOTHING. I'm *THISCLOSE* to getting a hysterectomy and saying fuck it to you and your evil ways. What did I ever do to you?

That's all.


Baby Blues said...


Here's my note to my ovaries:
You little lazy lemons! I've been putting up with you for so long. Could I just ask for a little bit of cooperation here? I'm helping you out, giving you an encouraging push, but you guys have to do your part too. All I ask is for you to show me those fine follicles! So get up and start working. This is your time to shine. Please don't disappoint me.

Oh I wish they would listen.

K said...

OMG! I can SOOOO relate to your situation! I'm on day 30 of injections for an IUI cycle, and I wonder the same thing....will I just have to go on and on stimming for eternity? Will one of these freakin' follicles finally step up and do the right thing??? Aaarrgh! Your doc is apparently not as chicken-shit as mine is though, as mine has hardly increased my dose since I began. I did about 2.5 weeks at 75 IUs per night of Bravelle, and then finally got upped for the last 1.5 weeks to 100 IUs of Follistim. When I went for my SEVENTH wanding session (aka the scintillating trans-vaginal ultrasound experience) this past Friday, my RE said that I STILL had a ton a too-small follies, and that he STILL wasn't comfortable raising my dose. So, I'm still poking along with my measly 100 IUs per night. Help me, Rhonda!

Hang in there, I'll be keeping tabs on your cycle!!


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